It’s a boy!

The first time I heard those three little words happened when my firstborn was emerging from the warm waters of the birthing tub. I think I laughed. Of course, how fitting, I thought. Life has prepared me for this boy. A few years later we added a baby brother, then another. Just recently, a fourth boy jumped headfirst into our family and our hearts. Despite a life of wishing I had a few more girlfriends, I know in my gut that this is it for me–this is the point and purpose of my life. Raising and loving all these boys.

Shortly after we found out our third baby was a boy, I saw one of my husband’s coworkers at the store. (She happens to have a big family–all girls!) She asked about the ultrasound, and her first response was a genuinely sad, “Oh, I’m so sorry!” I’ve heard the same words more than a few times since. Other than sometimes wishing my boys had a girl around to soften them up (and show them who’s boss), I feel so very blessed! How sad that families with no boys miss out on all their stick-wielding, growling, crashing, glorious noise! Some women understand–the moms who grin and tell me how many boys they have in their all-male families, and how much fun it is (at least, when no one is breaking anything).

I grew up with three brothers. After years of wishing, I ended up with a baby sister too. Too bad I was fifteen at the time, and left home for college at eighteen. There were lots of boys in my neighborhood, but all the girls were either a few years older or younger. I played with them sometimes, but I also learned how to knock a baseball clear down the street, catch a blue-tailed lizard, start a fire with a magnifying glass (or torture a few ants), and make a realistic-looking flesh wound with a little leftover Halloween makeup. What a well-rounded person I am! I learned all that cool stuff, and still had time for ballet lessons, sleepovers, dolls, kitchen experiments, and makeovers with plenty of blue eyeshadow.

Who would ever imagine they’d end up with a family of all boys? (Or all girls, for that matter? Okay, so maybe that was my fondest dream.) I kind of assumed I’d end up with one or two of each gender; I certainly deserved a girl or two in my life after years of Star Wars and football and Legos instead of Barbies. Instead of baby girls, I’ve got a gaggle of boy-mom friends who understand and love the same kind of life I’ve got: a sister-in-law with four boys, all the same ages as mine; my three college roommates, with a joint boy-count of 12 boys out of 13 kids; several nearby friends with four or five boys each. Plus, my husband can’t say no whenever I need a girls’ night out, a little pampering, or anything pink.

So here I am now, the lone girl among five boys, and I can’t imagine life any other way.

How has life prepared you for your boys? Were they a complete surprise?

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