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Growing up too fast?

Gus-Gus is just about 16 months old now, and still breastfeeding. He’s gone on longer than my other boys, who still all made it past a year. The first one quit because I became pregnant again, the second because he … Continue reading

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              How many dirty socks do you find scattered around your house on any given day? At our house, the bare minimum is 10. That’s on a good day. Leave your number in the … Continue reading

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Following the Leader

Gus-Gus loves to go outside. He wears shoes all day and won’t let me take them off, on the off chance he can sneak out the door with one of the big brothers. Lately, he’s started bringing me his jacket … Continue reading

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11 Months Later…

A lot can happen in 11 months. Apparently nothing I bothered to blog about, but life goes on changing day by day until suddenly, it’s almost a year later. Only one major change, but it’s a happy one: Last summer, … Continue reading

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Diaper Disaster

I took a week off from suggesting the toilet to Buzz. He was starting to act defiant, and the last thing I needed was a power struggle involving poop. Then a few days ago, he started taking his diapers off–the … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with boys and sticks? Buzz is a classic example. He spends his days carrying one of the following: a Harry Potter wand (he owns four), a sword (he owns three), a broom (he has a short one, … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Do Knights Take Naps?”

We have had this library book in our house for about four of the past five months. It is my three-year-old’s favorite book of the year. Any book that I can read several times daily is a winner in my … Continue reading

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Public Enemies

Mr. Incredible and I took all four boys to the Olive Garden for dinner this weekend. (Stunned silence.) I used to think our boys were really well behaved in restaurants. A little noisy and excitable, but with a timely walk … Continue reading

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Friday Favorite: Orange, blue, green

It seems like everyone has their favorite type of blog to stalk. Since I’m an occasional knitter and wanna-be crafter, I go to all the crafty blogs with pictures of bright fabric prints, gorgeous hand-knit sweaters, and mama-made baby blessing … Continue reading

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Potty Time

Right after my oldest boy finished the potty-training ordeal, I remember thinking, “This isn’t as bad as everyone says it will be. Little boys aren’t that messy in the bathroom!” Five years later and I now know that I was … Continue reading

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