Book Review: “Do Knights Take Naps?”

We have had this library book in our house for about four of the past five months. It is my three-year-old’s favorite book of the year. Any book that I can read several times daily is a winner in my eyes.

We first checked this out when Buzz decided he needed to be a “sworder” for Halloween–he saw the coolest, shiny silver armor at Costco, and it came with a sword (which is the only part he really cared about). So, being a good mom that day, I checked out a few knight-themed books from the library. This one quickly became his favorite.

I love that Buzz has learned quite a lot about knights without realizing it. Each page details one aspect of a knight’s life, in a short verse of about 6 lines. You wouldn’t think that would provide much information, but Buzz knows about every bit of gear that a knight wears, what to do at a joust, and what a court jester is. My favorite line tells that a knight drinks “old apple juice,” a nice way of avoiding a discussion of the evils of alcohol with my toddler.

The pictures are cute, and the whole book has a lilting rhyme scheme that makes it almost singable. In fact, Buzz has memorized most of the book, even intimidating phrases like “Come forth, thou nasty bloke!” Even after 100-plus readings, I am not tired of it and neither is he. I think it’s time to buy this one so the library can have their copy back…

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One Response to Book Review: “Do Knights Take Naps?”

  1. Deanne says:

    So…. do Knights take naps? If so, maybe T3 needs to read this book.

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