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Public Enemies

Mr. Incredible and I took all four boys to the Olive Garden for dinner this weekend. (Stunned silence.) I used to think our boys were really well behaved in restaurants. A little noisy and excitable, but with a timely walk … Continue reading

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Friday Favorite: Orange, blue, green

It seems like everyone has their favorite type of blog to stalk. Since I’m an occasional knitter and wanna-be crafter, I go to all the crafty blogs with pictures of bright fabric prints, gorgeous hand-knit sweaters, and mama-made baby blessing … Continue reading

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Potty Time

Right after my oldest boy finished the potty-training ordeal, I remember thinking, “This isn’t as bad as everyone says it will be. Little boys aren’t that messy in the bathroom!” Five years later and I now know that I was … Continue reading

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It’s a boy!

The first time I heard those three little words happened when my firstborn was emerging from the warm waters of the birthing tub. I think I laughed. Of course, how fitting, I thought. Life has prepared me for this boy. … Continue reading

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